Raziye Nevzat was appointed as the Rector’s Coordinator for Promotion and Development in 2009. She was assigned a leading role in the establishment of ‘EMU Social Media Unit’ in 2011 and is currently performing services at the aforesaid unit as the coordinator. Nevzat also received training on social media management, digital marketing and viral campaigns from pre-eminent experts in worldwide. She took part in TV programs on Social Media and delivered training on Social Media and Digital Marketing Management for numerous associations, institutions, non-governmental organisations such as United Nations Force in Cyprus, political parties and municipalities and renowned brands. As of October 2014 she was appointed as the Institutional Communication Coordinator of Eastern Mediterranean University. She is the organizer of the first Social Media and Brand Week of North Cyprus. She has a PhD on Communication and Media Studies (Brand Management, Brand Loyalty and Intention on Social Media) and teaches social psychology, social media and brand management courses in Faculty of Communication and Media Studies.