Prof. Mustafa Bahçeci is the founder and president of the management board of Bahçeci Health Group. After completing his basic medical education and his medical specialty in obstetrics & gynecology at Ankara School of Medicine in 1995, he worked as an academician at the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology of Ankara University School of Medicine. Simultaneously, he was a visiting scholar in Wayne State University, where he focused on assisted reproductive technologies. In 1996, he moved to Istanbul and established German Hospital IVF Center. The center formed the basis of Bahçeci Health Group which today is known as one of the most widespread private health institutions in Turkey as well as its surrounding countries and has since helped in the delivery of more than 35 thousand babies through assisted reproductive services.

Prof. Bahceci, apart from being actively involved in numerous clinical as well as research projects, has been an author/coauthor of numerous manuscripts/publications as well as an active (founding) board member of a host of national and international societies working in the field of human reproduction and assisted reproductive technologies. His main research area of interest is endometriosis surgery and the genetic basis of endometriosis.